Monday, 29 August 2016

"Eternal" life for my favourite summer trousers...

So, it's Make and Mend Monday again. 

The other day I was posting about my summer linen trousers and that I dyed them again, only to find that one of them had a hole and was also so thin from wearing that I couldn't really wear them any more (should have checked for that in the first place before dying them...). 

I've had another pair on my desk which fit me well but was just worn and couldn't be saved any more - which isn't entirely true because there is one last thing your favourite trousers can do for you, when there is absolutely no way of mending them again - you can trace them!

Which is exactly what I did. I cut them apart by the seams, making notes and little sketches about the construction on the way and now I have 2 patterns for summer linen trousers, that will definitely fit me. 
How to trace:

  1. Piece of clothing washed and ironed, otherwise tracing will get difficult. 
  2. Cut the trousers (or whatever) apart by the seams, make sure you note how it was put together. 
  3. Lie flat on brown paper, best with weights (I used duplos...) and trace with a pencil. Make notes on the pattern to help you assemble it later when you don't know any more exactly what goes where. Maybe take pictures (I didn't, tried, but black fabric in artificial lighting didn't really make much sense). Make sure you remember that this pattern is WITHOUT seam allowances! (write that in thick letters maybe...)
  4. Cut out the pattern, sort away in safe place, say goodbye to your old (now cut apart) favourite trousers that you have just helped to gain eternal life. And make sure you tidy up after that mess you've made. 

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