Monday, 22 August 2016

jersey knit neckline band - different options!

Today I quickly want to share with you the different ways of attaching knit fabric edging.
I like these two tutorials, so I share them with you:
No 1.
No 2.

Also, I want to emphasize, that the techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. I usually like  Technique No 1, because it is quick and easy. However, with the Technique no 2 you get a smaller tape at the neckline and if you want to make an "American Neckline" it might be more suitable because of the "inside" or "outside" curves. You can have a look at my "American neckline Disaster" to see what happens if you use the wrong technique in the wrong way. :)

Just saying.. :)

Have a great day sewing!

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