Saturday 3 December 2016

6 Months "Make and Mend Challenge"

This is not me, but I can sort of relate, when I rummage through our attic...

So, I'm 6 Months down the Make and Mend Challenge. I've been quite alright so far, only a few temptations and I resisted ok. Part of why that worked so well is because my wardrobe is so well stacked from years before of uninhibited shopping tours. And that's nothing to be proud of really.

Has something changed so far? Yes. Quite a lot. We have saved money. I should have stopped consuming for its own sake ages ago. :) Actually sometimes I looked at items and thought "this is so poor quality, I don't want it anymore, and I can't give this to charity, it's to shabby - WHY did I get this in the first place?!" and then "I could have just taken my money and put it in the bin straight away". Very annoying.

The general "Make and Mend" theme influenced our household in a way, that I didn't anticipate. Although I stated in the beginning (and I still stick to that) that the rest of the family is not active part of my 365 days consume-abstinence, it did have an influence on the family. I didn't just do "pleasure shopping" for the children, either. What they get is what they need and sometimes a little extra. Which then stands out. Sometimes that "extra" is self-made, sometimes store-bought. I choose clothes (for the whole family) far more carefully now.  I see the quality of a garment clearer and I am more willing to pay its price for it.
I also am a lot less impulsive with purchases (because even if this jacket is sold out, there will be another one that is as good, no worries). Sales and special offers don't get to me any more. In fact, bargains make me suspicious. :)

I now clearly determine whether I need something or not and then set a budget. Then I try to find the best cost/performance ratio. I even make lists of things that I think we might need. And then I sleep over it. And sleep over it again. And then usually take stuff off that list again.

Sometimes it's little things, e.g. a new perfume bottle. I love the perfume I am using at the moment. But by coincidence I found one, that smells like one that I had when I was 18 years old (just a little more grown up, it's not the same perfume after all) and as I promised to myself, that I can't buy it unless the other one is empty, I am using the other one more frequently (and love the scent) AND am looking forward to getting the new one after that. I have learnt to wait for things, e.g. save up for something that I really like instead of getting something similar or second-best immediately. 

So, that's 6 months gone and 6 months to go! Yay! :)

And here is some cookie monster wisdom "Good things come to those who wait" ::)

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