Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Minimalism is just another word for....

I don't really like the word Minimalism (apart from that I think it looks quite nice as a word itself). I don't really consider myself a Minimalist either. It doesn't really describe what I am doing. Or does it?

I was thinking about what it is, that I am actually doing. I am trying to be "rational" when it comes to purchases and ways of life. Unfortunately the term Rationalism has already been taken. I am trying to "economise" to balance finances reasonably. Which doesn't make me an "Economist". I am trying to apply "common sense" - would that make me a common senser? ;) I am striving for a way of "Simple living". But is my life really simple? Am I living in a simple way? I doubt that. I don't want to be part of the Consumerist World. Am I an Anti-Consumerist? No, not really.

I am trying to be satisfied with what I have rather than concentrating on what I want. Contentment.

I will continue to use the word Minimalism. Because it reminds me, with how little earthly possessions we can live and what other qualities count in life.

Maybe it is best decribed as WIP. :)

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