Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Sewing plans for 2018

Photo by Fleur Treurniet on Unsplash

You wouldn't believe it, but I have plans for 2018. A lot of plans and also sewing plans. Here they are.

- A Dirndl (Bavarian style) for Little Miss No 1 for her first day to school (September). I have the pattern already and a book on Austrian Dirndl making, so I am trying to make it in a more traditional style, sort of a mix between Austrian and Bavarian (sorry), with cartridge pleats and apron and maybe even smocking. I have chosen a fabric already and I hope it won't be sold out by the time i get around to buying the supplies (probably July). (#DONE - I didn't have the time in the end to make it really traditional, but I think it's ubercute anyway - blogpost to come soon).

- Maybe a Dirndl for myself, using the same traditional techniques. Although that's not really a priority.

- It also seems my jeans are giving up - which means I will have to face the challenge to make trousers for myself. -  #DONE! I made Ginger Jeans!!! (I fact I made several n 2018 - FOUR! and I am planning Morgan Jeans...)

- black linen trousers for summer (remake of favourite summer trousers - which are falling apart, too... all trousers seem to be giving up on me this year) (#DONE!)

- also I would like to make a shirt with a massive cowl collar (check out's super cowl shirt; I ALSO really like their "love me 2 times sari simplicity" thingy ... would be nice to make that and dye it with natural dyes... some day...)

- and my biggest plan Using up fabric from the stash. I also have this lovely black satin jersey in the stash, which I might make into a pencil skirt, or into a backless shirt. Or a backless dress, if I have enough fabric. But again, I have to draft the pattern first, then make a muslin and then see... :) - which means I have to go through it thoroughly and think about what I really need. Maybe a Jade Skirt?

- I've also got a lot of scraps of knit fabric... maybe some undies (#DONE!)

- make a pillow cover from an old (favourite) t-shirt (that shrunk...) and fabric from stash

- I could do with a proper swimsuit and/or bikini that fits... I am tempted to make the Bombshell Swimsuit by Closetcase Patterns,  I need some good instructions (update: I got the pattern...)

- A woolen winter coat to replace the one that is falling apart... an "everyday winter coat"

- I am really eyeing up that Wrapped Cardigan by Seamly - that could be an Autumn Project. Or maybe I take the pattern from a cardigan I've got, which I really really like.

- Probably by the end of this year I will need to make some black t-shirts... long and short sleeved - mine are slowly gowing thin from washing... or maybe something like the Bethioua Shirt... maybe self drafted...

- I am thinking about making leggings, but these are not a priority

- I also am keen on making a Jade Skirt  by Paprika Pattern. So wonderfully asymmetrical! (' DONE  and I've even made 2 - picture and blogpost to come!)

- I've got the fabric for another Satsuki Tunic and a Vogue 8728 dress... in black.

I have the distinctive feeling, my plans for 2018 will make it into 2019 and possibly 2020. :)

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