Sunday 16 September 2018

A Dirndl for a little lady

Our oldest daughter is starting school this autumn, so I wanted to make something special for her for the occasion. I've been planning to make this Dirndl for her for months and managed to make one for Little Miss No 2 already, so making this one was easier.

The sizing is very precise, I cut a size 98 in width and a size 116 in length for her (according to the size chart) and it fits just right, but not one centimeter too much. The blouse runs a bit tight, especially when you make it to pull it over the head, I had to let out all of the seam allowance. And it only just fits...

If I made it for her again, I would probably go up one size (both Dirndl and blouse) - luckily she didn't have a growth spurt just before school started.

All in all the pattern is really good, if you keep in mind, that it runs rather tight, it's super. The instructions are really good, lots of photographs. It's not a supertraditional way of making a Dirndl, but it's as close as you get if you want to finish the dress in a reasonable amount of time.

The pattern is from
The fabrics (pink and blue) are from here
The fabric for the blouse used to be a bedsheet and the litte trim is from the local arts and crafts shop.

I had a little bit of fabric leftover, so I made a Mini Dirndl for the Nora Doll, too. :) I used a dress from the Mariengold oh girl! book and winged the apron. It was a really nice quick and easy project. I will try and post a picture of the dress for the doll soon.

ePattern: 8,50 Euros
Fabric and notions: 30,00 Euros

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