Thursday, 11 October 2018

I can't get no satisfaction - I need more challenges... apparently...

We are weighing more than coffee over here!

I don't seem to get enough of challenges...

After officially stopping the Make and Mend challenge in June and lots of "life" happening, we decided it was time to do something for our physical wellbeing.  As well as intensifying my yoga. (I'm one of those people with a dvd at home... I just don't make it to the gym, but I love doing yoga at home... even the kids join in sometimes.. it's a good exercise in concentration for them). I am trying to do yoga every day now (even late at night...), we also joined the weightwatchers program. Just to make this clear: I don't get their programm for free or any other sort of payment. this is just my own opinion.

I do know quite a bit about nutrition and healthy eating (in theory...), but I find their system SO clever... it's not just about the calories, it's actually the value of food's health translated into points. Super easy. So, I've set my challenge to get to 52 kilos (I'm 159cms small). I've started at 57 kg (20.9.18), so it's 5 kilos. I am well within my BMI, so I don't really need to loose weight. Mostly, this is about changing to a healthy diet. Because - healthy lifestyle...


Week 1 (24.9.) - still 57 kilos. I managed to stay within the recommended points. Am I too  impatient?
Week 2 (1.10.) - 56,7kg - I don't think this counts.
Week 3 (08.10.) 55,2 kgs - wow, how did that happen? Our fruit intake has tripled... and we've got a little problem with fruit flies, which seem to be trying to compete with us for bananas...
Week  6 (29.10.) 54,7kg - yeah!
Week 7 (5.11.)  56,0kgs - what?! (but success on the yoga level - now I manage to do "the Crow"  (Bakasana) (Yoga with Kino MacGregor)
Week 9 (19.11.): 54.6 - better again. I can really recommend the weightwatchers program - the recipes are really yummy, and it works EASY!
week 11 (5.12.): 54,1kgs - getting there... (shoulder strained... no crow for a while... did chaturanga dandasana and downwardfacing dog slightly wrong, so biceps tendon got annoyed... remember to twist your shoulders/upper arms outward!)
week 12 (12.12.): 53,6kg - (and I did have Christmas cookies last week...)
week 15 (02.1.19): 53 kg yay! (shoulder is good again, too!)
week 17 (14.1.): 53,8kg (oooh, is this post-christmas-birthday-new year blubber?)
week 20 (4.2.19): 52,8kgs, getting there! (celebrated with pancakes and a piece of cake today...)
week 22 (17.2.19): 52,3kgs, getting closer...

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