Friday, 12 October 2018

Tiny doll "Flora"

I've been up to quite a lot in the past months, only I didn't manage to take pictures... shame on me...

It only 11 months to finally make this little doll - she's called Flora, she's about 13cms tall and made on a metal wire frame, so she's quite bendy and great to play with. The girls are already mothing her, so I'm curious how long she will last.

Because of the flowery dress we've called her "Flora".

I made her following the wonderful instructions by Cristina Cevales-Labonde in her book "Biegepüppchen selbstgemacht" (German).

I can really recommend the book, she gives really good instructions and tons of inspiration for making little dolls. What I thought was really touching was the loving way she wrote about the little dolls in the pictures that she describes, they all have names!

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