Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Another Otari for me...

Can you spot the pointed hood? 

After completing the test version for the Otari hoodie, I knew I wanted to make another one. Partly because I wanted to make another more fitted version and partly because I had seen this great fabric with stars... in brown and yellow and orange and blue and grey and... yes, all colours I usually don't wear. But goes well with black at least.

So when the fabric was on sale, I grabbed 3 meters and made the hoodie. :) It is a winter sweat, so it is really cosy and I looove it. Again, when choosing the fabric, I didn't think about the work it takes to match patterns (so much thinking included... and still not perfect...). Oh, and even after all that thinking, I did make a mistake with the pattern matching -- the left pocket matches but doesn't at the same time. It's a feature. :)

Yay, pattern matching on the Front! (Pockets and zipper)

Oh and although you can't see it - I am also sporting the Jade Skirt (by Paprika Patterns) in this picture. Brilliant pattern!


  1. Du hast schon wieder gezaubert! :-) Hach, ist der wieder einmal grossartig geworden. Ich muss mir auch noch einen nähen. :-) Du verführst mich immer zu den tollsten Schnittmustern <3 LG von Mie

    1. Danke Mie! Das Schnittmuster ist auch wirklich toll, es bringt richtig Spaß, die Jacke zu nähen! Liebe Grüße!!