Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Black Asymmetry - Twister Dress

Although you can't see it in this picture, I AM smiling. Inside. And aren't those boots lovely?

As you might have noticed, I like this pattern. And after giving away the Black Disco Twister Dress, I was just waiting until I could make my own Twister Dress. I have to admit, the first one, despite the fact that I love the pattern.... it actually did turn out to be a bit "loud" on me... erm... like my husband already knew... yes. Anyhow, I wore it a few times, but it never really seemed to fit in.
As my favourite color (in clothing) seems to be black, I should really start making everything in black first, because that's what I am actually wearing. 

So here is the Twister Dress again, by Apfelblüte

I've already worn it once, to my very first Tango Milonga, as I've started to learn Tango argentino lately. I would say, it is the perfect dress for Tango, but what do I know...

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