Monday, 10 June 2019

Challenge yourself - embrace sports!

One of the things I am enjoying more and more, is yoga. I can't emphasize enough, how wonderful moving around and keeping active is. For me personally, Yoga is a form of sports, that suits me best.

I used to feel sports was more like something you "have to do" and a bit too time consuming. It wasn't something I thoroughly enjoyed. I am grateful I have made the experience, that physical activity is a wonderful thing and keeps you happy and feeling warm and well inside. For me, it is Yoga, for others walking or running or climbing or dancing or cycling or any other way of moving around. I hope for everybody out there, that you find your way of being active and enjoy being in motion. Outside, inside, wherever.

So, if you understand German and enjoy Yoga, this Youtube Channel might be intersting for you, I think she does great videos and has very precise instructions. There is something for every energy level!

I am currently joining this Challenge, but there is lots more to discover

PS: I don't get paid or anything for saying this, I just really like her Channel and what she's doing.

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