Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The year after "The Make and Mend Challenge"

So the last 12 months (3 June 2018 - 3rd June 2019) I did not consciously follow the "Make and Mend" Challenge. In fact, i had decided to actively NOT be too strict with myself like I had been while on the challenge, especially the first year. Nevertheless, I thought it might be good to keep a list of what I bought (just what was for my own pleasure, not counting household and kids stuff), out of curiosity. And here it is:

What I bought  in the last 12 months:
- fabric for Vogue dress and satsuki dress*
- fabric for 4x corduroy Ginger trousers (2x black, 2x mustard) (2x black done, also 1x mustard done, looks horrible on me, disposed of...)
- fabric for 2x jeans Ginger trousers (stretch indigo) (2x done)
- fabric for 1x Morgan/Ginger Jeans amalgamation (non-stretch broken twill)
- fabric for Jade skirts (1x teal, 1x purple) (both done)*
- fabric for star otari hoodie (done)*
- fabric for Dirndl for Child no 1 (done)
- fabric for Linen/Cotton summer trousers (done)
- crazy patterned knit fabric to test shirts and leggings (1 shirt roughly done, if they fit well, they can double as pyjamas...)
- black knit fabric for Jade skirt (done)*
- fabric for pattern testing for Scroop patterns - lovely wool mohair knit (done!)
- dress pattern (burda)

- 2 skin moisturiser
- 1 shampoo soap
- 1 make up base
- 5x make up that works (still have a lot leftover, it was a bulk buy...)
- 5x lipstick
- 3x mascara
- 3x eye shadow*
- 2 make-up remover

- 1 pashmina shawl*
- tights (pack of two, opaque black)
- 1 pair yellow tights*
- 2 black bikini
- 1 teal bikini*
- undies (ok, it was just easier to buy them than making more myself... lazy me...)
- 5 bras*
- 2 Fasnacht Costumes (Cookie Monster and Cheshire Cat onesies...)*
- 2 oversized scarves in white/yellow and white/berry shades*
- 1 pair earrings (for Christmas)
- 2 sets of bracelets (earthy glass beads and chakra ribbons)*
- 1 ring bracelet green*
- 1 red glass bead bracelet*
- little spring doll for seasonal table*
- 1 second hand black wool coat
- 1 new wool coat with fake fur collar*
- 5 black t-shirts
- 4 black tank tops
- 1 black shawl jacket (wool)
- 1 black wool formal dress (second hand)
- 1 black cotton summer dress (second hand)*
- 1 pair dancing shoes (second hand)*

What I made in the last 12 months:
- Ginger Jeans (3x indigo stretch jeans)
- Ginger Corduroy (2x black, low waist)
- jade skirt mini purple
- Jade skirt midi teal
- Jade Skirt black satin (from stash fabric yay!!)
- jade skirt black knit (punto di roma)
- Vroni Dirndl for Child No 1
- Mini Dirndl for Nora Doll
- Remake of favourite linen trousers (2x)
- high waist ginger trousers in mustard - gosh, those looked awful! :)
- Otari Hoodie with stars
- bendable waldorf doll
- dress for Alina doll
- Black Twister Dress
- Circle Wool knit Cardigan (Scroop Patterns) and Rectangular Mahina (Scroop Patterns)

What I mended in the last 12 months:
- 3 jeans (zipper teeth fell out, very very very annoying, because - well fitted self made jeans!!)
- childs dress (zipper broke, replaced)
- 1 glove (some stitches had become undone, easy fix)
- wooly pullover (moths or cabinet bugs had a go at it, I think and hope in our old flat. mending was no problem, only small holes)

A neighbour moved house and sorted through her clothing and she allowed me to have a rummage through that, and I found a lovely wool cardigan that fit (I will try and publish the pattern at some point) and a couple of pullovers that are of nice material only a bit big and a bit much "bat style" for me. So I upcycled. Again, trying to put pictures of that online asap. :)

What went out 
 - a lot of my clothes seemed to just fall apart this year...- 
- 7 t-shirts-  holes, washed thin and they seem to get these "deodorant bobbles" under the arms after some years...?
- 3 tops (washed thin, fabric "breaking", holes, lace trim ripped apart everywhere)
- 1 pyjama (holes)
- 3 jeans (holes, 1 JUST DOESN'T FIT and hasn't for years...)
- 1 lamp (given to friend)
- children's chair (just collapsed, with the child on it! 😲)
- 1 pair yoga/sports pants (holes beyond mending)
- 1 black coat (really sad, one of my favourites, but now the fabric is thin at the shoulders, holes at the sleeves and some seams are opening - in short - it is really beyond saving... it's starting to look really shabby)
- 2 knit dresses (didn't wear it..., went to charity)
- 1 woolen cardigan (big holes in a very very fine transparent knit, impossible to mend)
- 1 pencil skirt (too high waisted, doesn't fit properly)

* I marked items that were not absolutely necessary with this star *
Can you see, how many stars there are?!? Nearly all of it is marked as "unnecessary"! I'm a little upset about this...

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