Monday, 2 December 2013

Fabric is so addictive that it should be a controlled substance!!!!

so true, so so true.

Although I have been promising repeatedly, that I won't buy more fabric than I have actual sewing projects, AGAIN I couldn't resist this offer. My all times favourite Indienne fabric of the Kyoto Anglaise (Moda Fabric, French General, Maison de Garance):

Kyoto Anglaise back

I have found it on OFFER! in oyster (ok, I'm not going to be that crazy to sew it again in the same colour although there WAS a little moment of temptation - another stash, just in case this dress gets damaged... or burnt... or stolen...) BUT also in brown like this:
metmuseum.com1774, a round gown?

and a red like this: 1790s


for an average of 8,50 Euros/m and free delivery. Keep in mind, I am petite, I only need 4mtrs/anglaise. ;) I do admit, I don't really need more late 1780s Robe a l'Anglaise, but I feel so much calmer knowing I've got the fabric. ;) I have  not decided yet whether I should make them en fourreau or not. The brown original I think, is "en fourreau", the red one isn't. With my cream coloured one I found you don't really see the pleats. which is a shame, they need so much sewing attention. ;) And isn't this a concise sewing plan? ;)

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