Sunday, 1 June 2014

Embroidered Stomacher 1770s Jacket

JPRyan Jacket with embroidered stomacher

Although really I've been planning to do some other sewing (a modern skirt, unfortunately I discovered half way through, that I didn't have enough fabric in stock to finish it (half of the back pannel ....oops!) so I had to postpone the project and do something else. I've had this stomacher, that I had embroidered about 1,5 years ago, sitting around. I originally wanted to fit it to the Walpole Francaise, but it didn't quite work together so it... matured. Then after making Mr. B's 1750s suit there was JUST enough fabric left to make a little jacket with stomacher front for myself (coincidence?). The green of the jacket is nearly exactly the same as in the embroiderey. So I got my beloved JP Ryan Jacket pattern out again and just did it. Out of reasons I don't understand, the front sleeve/shoulder bit is a bit tight, but the wool and the linen lining will give in quite a bit, I think. I (again!) had most trouble setting the sleeves, my main problem here being the difference between left and right. Oh joy and fun, especially if you've cut away the seam allowance already... it did work out in the end and I am really happy with the result. The pictures show the jacket worn with a hooped petticoat  because i just CAN'T find my bum pad. Just use a bit of imagination. And while you're at it: imagine the multiplug away... ;)
As to authenticity. I don't know. Honestly. I've seen a lot of stomachers with the most beautiful embroidery you can image, but I think they were all dated a few decades before. Personally I think it works for the 1770s though. Maybe a little old fashioned or a "revamped" jacket, sort of. I've omitted the lacing of the jackets (that the pattern suggests) because I think it would be a bit much - busy embroidery AND lacing. So it is closed with pins.

the simple back view

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