Sunday, 8 June 2014

Tell me a forest fairy tale!

I've stumbled across this fabric and just couldn't resist to make a skirt from it - apart from small struggles like "why didn't I order enough of this in the first place, now I haven't got enough fabric to cut the back panel and have to order it again and find out it is out of stock and now i have to WAIT!" and "how do I insert this "invisible" zipper thingy?" and "why didn't I cut the panels just a tad straighter?" - but I LOVE the outcome.

The pattern is taken from 2 skirts that I've already had. It's really simple, just an a-shaped skirt with a saddle thingy. There are 2 back panels to give space for the zipper. The white underskirt is a shaped too and has a ruffle attached and a little lace. Both skirt and underskirt are attached to the saddle. That's it.

The pattern is also very useful to tell stories to 2-year-olds. :)

Have a lovely day!

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