Monday, 2 March 2015

Juniper Wishing Scarf - knitting

Sooo, my first knitting project, the mitts, have sort of ... stopped... I had finished one mitt and although the size was ok and everything I wasn't really happy with it. So I stopped. :) But it was a nice exercise in counting and lace knitting.

I then started with the Juniper Wishing Scarf from the book "Woodland Knits" by Stephanie Dosen. You can have a look here on her Blog: and here:
I think she's doing adorable stuff. :)

It was really simple. And I really enjoyed knitting cables... (for the first time) :) And it didn't take that long, all in all about a week or so. :)

I didn't use the recommended wool (would have been like 60 Euros or so...MAD!) but this one:
An Alpaca, Wool, Polyacryl mix, wonderfully soft and warm and cosy. About the same thickness I think. The shade is a blueish, greenish teal. Looks much nicer than on the pictures! 

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