Friday 3 June 2016

The "Make And Mend" Challenge

As of this day, June 3rd 2016, I am committing myself to the "Make And Mend" Challenge. 

These are the rules:
  • I will not buy clothes* for the entire next year (=365 days).
  • If something is damaged, I will try to mend it. 
  • If I need a new clothing item, I will make it.
  • I will not buy fabric for the stash. The only fabric I am allowed to buy is fabric for specific clothing items that I need (e.g. jeans).
  • I am working on my fabric stash.
  • I will blog about items I made or drawbacks to document the challenge.
*I will also not buy additional shoes, jewellery, accessories (scarves etc), cosmetics...

Join in and share!!!

Blog about the challenge, share your thoughts, maybe changes of rules (i.e. include remaking second hand clothes) and projects and tell me about it so I can share it and we can inspire each other! Feel free to share the mendandmakechallenge.jpg above and link this page!

Follow this link to see the  Make And Mend Challenge Blogposts

There is also a group on Facebook (hosted by Jen Gale by makedoandmendlife) which you might like to join ?! 

*** My Make and Mend Challenge stopped on 3rd June 2017 ***

*** I extended a year until 3rd June 2018 ***

*** I didn't extend the Challende again, but I am keeping track of purchases***

*** It was a really good experience and truly changing me habits***

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