Monday, 5 September 2016

It's all part of my life...

I was thinking about my blog and my posts the other day and those of you who have been following my blog because of my sewing are probably surprised to find so many posts on a simpler lifestyle and consumerism there at the moment and not so many about sewing. 

Those of you who started following my writing because of what I have to say about a simpler lifestyle and consumerism are probably a little confused about the posts on random sewing - historical sewing, sewing techniques, moderns sewing, sewing for children, ... 

I was thinking about seperating those two things at first, but then decided against it. Why? I felt that if I separated the minimalism posts from the post about other things I do and think, it's a bit like setting up this "minimalist" world and living another life next to it. Which I am not. I am trying to simplify my lifestyle considerably, but I am not stopping everything else. I am still a mum, I am still sewing and doing other things. But I am also changing things. 

So, I invite you to be part of my life and enjoy the mix! :)

PS: Just a short note on the side: In a conversation it was remarked, that my historical sewing isn't exactly minimalist. Because it is silk and frills and all that. I would like to point out 2 things.
1. Sewing is my hobby and the dresses don't represent my modern lifestyle, but the time they are inspired by. I enjoy the act of sewing as much as thinking about how to make the dress, and the fitting etc. I am not making them, because I wish for a life in 18th century silk and frills.
2. There is no minimalism in that sense in the early 19th century or before. Because also the culture of consuming wasn't there, because frugality, prudence,´and thrift were values and shopping wasn't considered a hobby.

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