Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Minimalism and Sports

In my previous post on consumerism, fulfillment and "other means" I was talking about sports and how much I found out I need it in my life.

I believe we are made for physical activity and I believe our brain needs a certain amout of physical exercise. And the benefits of sports healthwise have also been very much explored and I don't think you find any doctor who would tell you that generally sports is unhealthy. :) Obviously everybody has personal preferences and needs and what is great for me isn't good for somebody else. Still I insist - doing sports is great!

Whenever I am reading online about minimalism and people sharing their ways and thoughts, there is usually sports involved. Whether it is a brisk walk in the forest, a climb, walking by the beach, sailing, skiing, going for a run, football, volleyball, cycling, kickboxing - whatever is appealing to you - go out and do sports, release endorphines that make you feel well, get fit, meet people, manage tension. And it does so much better than going shopping for the perfect tea cosy No. 20. :) Consuming does not make happy, no matter what the ads tell you. It's not a fulfilling hobby.

I personally recommend these podcasts for getting into jogging - you can use them anywhere, anytime and all you need are some comfy pants, a t-shirt and some jogging shoes. How about giving it a go?  Couch 2 5 K Podcasts

But also local sports clubs offer a variety of sports and you can meet other people, of you feel better with a group.

So - go out and exercise! 

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