Monday, 23 May 2016

A shirt with "American Neckline"...! (Schnabelina)

I have so much knit fabrics in my stash (don't ask...), I am really going crazy with making shirts for the girls.

This is one of my favourite FREE patterns at the moment (besides the raglan shirt from "mamahoch2"):

Schnabelina Regenbogenbody. It's originally a bodysuit, but obviously you can also just use it as a t-shirt pattern. Again, the sizing is really accurate, I appreciate that a lot.

There are plenty of sizes available 46 (small newborn) to 146 (teenager). And 3 different necklines. I personally love the "American neckline". In fact I would love a shirt like that myself...

Schnabelina is really creative, there are lots of tutorials and free patterns on her page!

all her patterns:

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