Saturday, 28 May 2016

Some Raglan Shirts for the little ones... (mamahoch2)

I found this page with lots of free (or "pay as you wish") patterns just recently and wanted to share it.

They have patterns for all sizes and ages and my first deed were 6 beanie hats for the children... unfortunately in the past month (before I managed to take a picture) ALL of them have disappeared... no idea where to... I thought I had seen a survivor just a couple of days ago but there is absolutely no trace of them now. So, no pictures for you, but there are plenty on

Much more lasting fun are their pattern for raglan shirts. The sizing is extremetly accurate, I LOVE that.

I've made 2 in size 86 for the little one.

somehow the colours in the picture have changed... it's much more purple!

And a viking dress/shirt for the little lady (sz 110).

Direct link to shop with freebooks - they also have a blog with lots of details descriptions on how to make their things. mama hoch 2 freebooks

(They also offer free patterns for ladies and gentlemen...)

The fabrics are from

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