Sunday, 22 May 2016

Princess Castle and Fall Basics SHIRTS (ottobre design)

I tried a basic raglan-shirt from the Ottobre Design 4/13, it  is called "fall basic". The shirt runs about 2 sized big, so instead of a 110 I made a 98. I somehow messed up the bias at the top because I didn't stretch it enough, but she loves the shirt so I didn't change it.

And for her birthday in May she got this "Princess Castle" tunic. Also this pattern runs 2 sizes large/wide. It is getting a bit annoying, to be honest. Although I really like the Ottobre Design patterns and the variety, the somehow random sizing (or I should say, constantly too wide...) is getting to me. Before sewing I measured the entire pattern, to make sure it would fit although I chose 2 sizes smaller than the child is usually wearing. The length is according to size, I think. (which means I have to lenghten things a tad...)

I did a lot better job on the bias tape here. ;)

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