Thursday, 19 May 2016

Size Tags - Print your own

I used to try and remember the sizes of the garments I made... which now seems a really silly idea to me... because I really can't keep track of what is what... especially with the children's clothes... so I came up with this idea of marking the sizes.

I bough some of these  t-shirt iron on transfers (although I can't quite remember whether it actually is this brand, it might be another one, but I think you get the picture. Important: it has to be for DARK clothes, so the background is white)

then i used word.docx to create my own labels which look like this. :) 

The top left is left blank intentionally: with a textile marker I fill in the different sizes. Like that I can always print of a while sheet and then fill in the size accordingly. 

I usually iron them in after I've finished them, but you can also put them in, before you put the garment together, sometimes that is easier. I don't know, why I've not come up with this idea a long time ago... So I thought I'd share this idea.

The cost depends entirely on the paper you buy (the tags are about 6x3,6cms big, I printed 21 tags on an A4 sheet so in my case that was about 5 cents per tag) plus the cost for a washproof textile marker.

I've washed them quite a lot already (children...), I have no complaints so far, the labels don't come off, the colour does fade a little bit but not too much and it is not itchy. I think it's pretty nifty.

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