Thursday, 26 May 2016

More Charles! (Compagnie-M)

I made some more Charles trousers. Again. I simply love that pattern. I widened the legs a little for a more "bootcut version". I've also made a pair in black wide corduroy (a little bit like German traditional carpenter's trousers), but they are in the wash.. I will try and add a picture when the little lady doesn't dirty them faster than I can take a picture...

Actually the colour is a lovely "teal", but my camera doesn't love me today. It's a nice corduroy.

A little not on the side:
I initially made a pair of dark grey corduroy trousers from an Ottobre Design pattern (Nonparelli, 4/13), because I wanted to try out a new trousers pattern and something with a zipper. Just for a change. But it turned out to be a complete disaster. I cut the fabric 2 sizes smaller (as I usually do with Ottobre Design) without measuring the pattern before. Big mistake. I should have cut the pattern 4 sizes smaller and then added about 10cms at the bottom of the legs. No joke, the trousers were enormously wide (and running short...) even with the added elastic in the waist. The little lady complained she couldn't see her feet at all and boycotted them. And that was that. So they went into the loft (hence no picture). But at least I got to practise my "zipper-inserting" skills.

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