Monday 24 October 2016

Dirk/Eugene the Dragon - Lalylala Crochet Pattern

New family member: Eugene Dragon. He's totally not liking having his picture taken.

I've made another Lalylala Pattern, this time it is Dirk the Dragon. Only he's called Eugene in our house. :)

The pattern is really good, good detailed descriptions, photographs and all. They are available in several languages (check out her homepage, I've used the German one.

I had slight trouble finding the yarn she recommended, so I ended up using a completely different one  (6ply instead of 4 ply) and also a lot darker, but I like him anyway, even though he is a lot bigger than planned. Also I didn't attach the hood "deep" enough in the face, but I DO like that little fellow anyway. He has a certain look about him that reminds me of my children...

For the scarf I used a big "Strickliesl" (= knitting jenny), which was good fun, loved making endless strings as a child... :)

The pattern is a CLEAR recommendation.

(Just in case you wondered why I am crocheting so much and not sewing much at the moment: In preparation of the move I had to box my sewing stuff, crocheting is a great alternative because you can store the things you need in a tiny box. I also start to enjoy the madness of crocheting (one needle and you twist and sling and pull that thread back and forth and you crochet in spirals and back and forth and up and down and all directions,... whoever invented crocheting techniques must have been so creative!)

Cost: Pattern about 6 Euros (available on several platforms, check her homepage for more details), 3  green balls of wool 6-ply tweed (12 Euros), white cotton 1 ball (2 Euros), 1 red speckled yarn I still had in my stash. Total: 20 Euros

Things learnt:
Halbes Stäbchen, Doppeltes Stäbchen, 3 fach Stäbchen, Mäusezähnchen (no idea what those are in English...)

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