Wednesday 12 October 2016

Go for "Pleasant activities"!

So, today I have something for you that will keep you from shopping. :)

It's a pleasant activities list I've made up and you can download the pdf and use it, if you wish.

Pleasant activities list

What's that about?
The list of pleasant activities comes originally from behavioural therapy to treat e.g. depression. But you don't have to suffer from depression or any other psychiatric disorder to benefit from the list. I am just telling you that to underline, how very efficient such a list can be and that it found its way into clinical practise as well.

My suggestion is you try to do one activity every day, you can just follow the list or pick random items. There are 392 suggestions on it, so you can even leave out 27 to get through an entire year! Some of the suggested activities take a lot longer than just a day, so you can expand some of the suggestions, too. Some of the activities will just not be for you. But you can "think around them", for example if the list says "play football" and you really really can't imagine playing football (not even with the kids or the dog or yourself), then replace it with another sport. Play golf. Or tennis. But it is the idea that you challenge yourself a little. :)

If you like the idea, you can fb about it, or write on it on your blog. Or take picture and publish it on instagram.And share it.  And: Have fun with it!

( I am even toying with the idea to blog about it myself... maybe one reason to get on instagram... which so far I have no idea what it is about... that should possible go on the list, too!!)

Some more lists on pleasant activities:

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