Monday 17 October 2016

Princess Leia - Amour fou crochet

Due to the fact that I have to pack all my sewing stuff (because of "the move") and still want to do something I have been looking into crocheting again. I stumbled across this lady from Buenos Aires, Argentina who is designing great stuff. 

I've made 2 Leias already (the first looks a bit different because I did something wrong with my single crochet). And somehow I am very tempted to make another, third one. 
She is standing all by herself but somehow the arm ended up casually leaning on my sewing machine.
The pattern is brilliant, very good descriptions and instructions and available in several languages.
Highly recommended!

(She's got other real characters, too!)
I don't usually link shops, but here's the etsy shop 

Things learnt: crocheting onto an figure, Noppenmasche for the Nose
Cost: Pattern about 5 Euros, Material: about 10 Euros (I made 2 Leias from it though)

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