Monday, 10 October 2016

Favourite Shoes' 2nd life

It is Make and Mend Monday again! :)

And after three years I can finally wear my favourite shoes again.
As I was tidying through our attic, I came across a pair of shoes I had been missing for 3 years. They were (and are) my favourite "every day shoes" and I thought I had lost them or accidentally thrown them away 3 years ago when we had to move rather hastily into this flat (exactly, the flat we are moving out again now...). I don't know how and why, but they were in a wicker basket underneath some backpacks. 
The attic has a very unforgiving climate - it can be well over 40 degrees Celsius in summer and blow zero in winter. So when I put them on again and walked around, the sole broke. The leather is still fine, even after 10 years of wearing them in rain and sun and all, but the sole had it. 

So today I picked them up from the shoemaker, who resoled them and they are as good as new for 38 Euros. :) 

Here's a picture, as you can see, you can't really see anythings been done to the soles. :) 

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